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"Painting is not just a picture, it is the vision of the spirit of the artist." - Elsie Manaloor

       I had no formal training in painting, however I used to appreciate paintings especially related to nature. Since my primary goal was to become a Medical Doctor I had little time to spare for painting.

       After finishing my MBBS and while I was doing my MD I did my first landscape painting and gave it to my parents.  Later after moving to Canada and then to USA I was again focusing on my medical career. With responsibilities at home I was left with little time to paint and the only time was my hard earned vacation.

     Touched by the endless beauty and marvel of God’s creation and the numerous references in the Bible to nature and by Jesus Christ in His teachings of the parables I started to paint using Biblical themes.

     In spite of my limited ability and lack of time I realized that the constant and abundant grace of God was all sufficient. When I look back at my paintings I am surprised how God guided me in unforeseen ways and help me finish my paintings better than my own expectations.

     The painting “Divine Consultant" testifies of the constant wisdom and guidance He gave me while diagnosing the hematologic problems in each of my patients.

     Although painting is time consuming and exhausting I have great pleasure in reviewing them and the Biblical verses brings profound comfort to my soul and increases my faith in Jesus Christ.

I hope and pray that God Almighty will give each of the viewer’s similar experience in their walk with God. I would also like to acknowledge the help and support I received from my husband Joy and children Santhosh & Sumodth and encouraging me do my paintings.

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